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Would it be possible to add a dash ("-") to the high score entry? My initials are two letters only, so am not able to correctly enter them.


Thanks for playing! It definitely is possible to add a dash or a space for folks that don't want to use all the letters. I will add that to my bug list and I'll fix it in the next version.  


Thanks again for playing! Exquisite Bytes. I've updated Picofender to allow you to enter a couple of other characters for the high score, including underscore "_" which should give you something like two characters. Hopefully this is a satisfactory fix for you.

Excellent. Thanks for the fix.

Really impressive, you really put defender on steroïds !!!! By the way, just bought it but noticed there's no file so that i can play it directly in my Pico8. Also would like to play it on my Pocket Chip device which only accepts carts. Any chance to have the cart file to play it on my Pocket Chip ? Thanks !

You just uploaded them !!!! MANY THANKS !!!!

I uploaded them twice after realizing that I needed a small change to make the carts work correctly when you download. So if you have an issue where the menu doesn't load the game property, try re-downloading those files again, since I changed something to fix that problem before I uploaded them a second time.

Definitely would love to see pics of you playing this on your Pocket CHIP! 

I will provide them I promise :)

Defender on steroids was definitely the goal. So happy you're enjoying this! I think you should have the cart files now. Please let me know here or @ me on Twitter @protonperson


Great game! Really impressed with how close it is to the looks of the original

Thanks again for checking this out and for sharing on Twitter. Lots of subtle changes due to Pico-8's lower resolution and square aspect ratio.

I tried to highlight a few small visual things that were personal touches here: the two layers of parallax scrolling on the stars that also clip with the foreground, the scanning beams, and the dithering/transparency on the shield.  

There's so many little things that went into this. I'm just grateful that people think it's cool and are playing! :)