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Hey, folks. In response to a request from a Picofender player from Twitter, I'm  post the p8.png carts here for all purchasers of Picofender. Picofender is actually on two carts, so players should be able to load this up onto any Pico-8 installation, including something like a Pocket CHIP.  For any of you folks that are using the p8.png carts, please let me know if you experience any issues with it.

INSTRUCTIONS: The two files are picofender.p8.png and pf_1.0.p8.png. You'll want to enter "load picofender.p8.png" into the command line on pico-8 to load the game. and play. Make sure to have both files in the same directory otherwise the game won't load property from the main menu. Post here or @ me on Twitter if any trouble.




picofender 1.0.zip Play in browser
Jan 22, 2022
picofender_linux.zip 718 kB
Jan 22, 2022
picofender_osx.zip 3 MB
Jan 22, 2022
picofender_raspi.zip 2 MB
Jan 22, 2022
picofender_windows.zip 961 kB
Jan 22, 2022
picofender.p8.png 12 kB
Feb 09, 2022
pf_1.0.p8.png 33 kB
Feb 09, 2022

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